For my European friends who don’t quite get baseball, I highly recommend this 1 minute 38 second introduction by Alfred Hitchcock.

Thanks to the @ZPAClab at the U of Zürich for hosting me! Great people and projects. And they recorded my talk on Reinventing the Mind’s Bicycle — now available on a YouTube near you!

Nice work at @ieeevis on graphterm by @8clique : Meeting users where they are — visualizing dependency graphs in the terminal.

Feeling mixed emotions as I say goodbye to my office of 8 years. When I return from IEEE VIS, my school will have moved in to its new campus in the south of Paris.

How do data workers think about and deal with alternatives when making sense of data? What kinds do they deal with? Where do existing tools break down? Work by Jiali Liu with @nadiaboukhelifa and me for @ieeevis 19.

In French, @Apple’s voice assistant is triggered by the phrase “dis, Siri”—pronounced “dee Siri.”

Today’s class (in English) talked about serialization and deserialization. #YoureSoVain

How do data workers think about and manage alternatives in their sense making process? Work with Jiali Liu & @nadiaboukhelifa to appear at IEEE VIS 2019.

Glasgow, here I come! Looking forward to catching up with lots of folks at #chi2019!

Mais est-ce que je vais pouvoir comprendre la langue? 😜

Of course, the day I decide not to wear a hat—because it’s so nice out!—the bird bombers take my head for a target. 🤢🚿😂